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Hello from Nashville! I've been spending some time at home catching up on chores, scribbling, and songwriting. Also managed to do some reading, hiking, and movie going. Top of my list for recommended films is Moonlight. It's a poignant story of a young black man struggling to find his sexual identity and some human connection. A particularly moving and admirable effort given the difficult and challenging times we live in.

Recently finished reading Cal by Bernard MacLaverty. This short novel packed with power and emotion takes place amidst Northern Ireland's bitter civil strife. It's a tragic and unsentimental story of love, conscience, and social dilemma.

My friend Amelia White and I recently shared a gig at the new Radio Cafe in Nashville. Amelia kicked butt with her band The Blue Souvenirs. Her newest CD release Sweet Home Hotel has been deservedly winning awards all over the place. Check Amelia out at .

Also attended a great unplugged Julie Christensen concert in town. Julie has recorded five CDs of her own ranging from post-punk to Americana. Plus she's sung with the likes of Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen. Find out more about her and her music at .

For the past few years I've been part of a gathering of writers that call ourselves the Bloomsday Group. We meet once a month and it's given me incentive to write poetry and prose. My hope is to compile a book of my scribbles one day. Here's a short sampling of what I've been up to lately.

Depths (11/2/16)

I've filled my pockets with stones and shells,

my cuffs with grains of sand.

I've strolled the littered floor of seas

where sun and moon are banned.


I've filled my mouth with salt and foam

and kissed the mermaid's hand.

I've struck the waves and sung the song

with sirens of the damned.


Along the howling wounded shore

I've seen the drowning man –

It's me in rags from savaged sails,

frayed rope, and seaweed strands.


Plundered ships, forgotten souls –

Who feigns to understand

the question asked, the answer masked

the depths of mortal man?

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