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Welcome to my new website! Thanks to Jeff Thorneycroft, once again, for lending his considerable talent to improve my online presence. I'm already excited with the ease of editing this HostBaby site. And I hope you will now find it easier to access my show calendar, music, press and bio, and to keep track of my further adventures. 

The photo above was taken by my friend Don Henry. Don is one of the best songwriters alive, and to see him in the audience at Douglas Corner aiming his camera at Thomm Jutz and me was kind of humbling. You can see I'm smiling right at him from behind my harmonica as he snapped this shot. 

As autumn finally unfolds I'm looking forward to upcoming concerts in Texas, Missouri, Michigan, and right here in Nashville. Three talented singer songwriters, Sally Barris, Rex Foster, and Amelia White will join me these next couple of months to close out 2016 with a bang. 

Been enjoying a writing surge lately. Thinking about the next recording project and just how to deliver the music to you. Hard to wrap my brain around the end of cds. Not having something physical to offer at the shows, the visual art of the package, lyrics and a cover to autograph, all seems strange to me even now. But one way or another I will soon begin to record the new songs and get them to your ears. 

Folks are already signing up for my next Inishfree Ireland Music Tour scheduled for June 27- July 6, 2017. This is a tour for people who hate tours. I'd love for you to join me on this truly awesome adventure on the enchanted Emerald Isle. Tour is limited to 22 people so let me know soon if you're interested. 

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