Clare, Mayo, and Donegal, April 30-May 9, 2018

From Cork to Kerry to Clare and back again in nine days. Strains of voices, larks, fiddles, guitars, and button accordions echo around in our hearts still. Melody, poetry, aching history, the profound greenness everywhere, vast fields and mountainsides of it, peeking from the crags of the limestone Burren and the stone walls crisscrossing into green chambers dotted with contented cows and sheep, sleeping, cavorting, chomping the glistening wet grass. Fuchsias, purple and pink, crowding the banks and roadsides, standing tall as a person, and more varieties and colors of flowers than one can count. 



The Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea, shining and crashing against the shores, tumbling rocks and shells etched with ancient indecipherable tales. Such were our days during this year's Inishfree Ireland Music Tour. I loved every moment with this lovely group of people. And best of all, we each made so many new friendships that will continue to grow, no matter where we live. 

Now is the time to sign up for my April 30-May 9, 2018 Inishfree Ireland Music Tour. We will visit the Counties of Clare, Mayo, and Donegal this time, staying for three days in each. I have no way to adequately express the wonder and camaraderie that you will experience on this tour. Chances are you wouldn't believe me if I could. But I look forward to seeing the joy on your face as we share Ireland together. Log on to for all the information you need about the tour. 


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