I love being a songwriter. Not the easiest path to maneuver but the creative life has been immeasurably rewarding in ways I could not have imagined as a geeky 12 year old starting out with a $40 Kay guitar from Western Auto, a Big Chief tablet, a number 2 pencil, and an adolescent song in my heart.

50 years of songwriting, performing and life experience has equipped me with a wealth of solid practical information about what it takes to be a working songwriter. I’ve recorded 22 albums, worked with 2 major record labels, several independent labels and discovered how to thrive as an independent artist. I now offer songwriting, performance and recording consultation and mentoring sessions to anyone interested.

If you need help in finding your own voice, steering your way through the recording process, improving work habits, polishing your live performance, organizing tours, setting and accomplishing goals, or honing your songwriting skills I am available to schedule a consultation session with you via Skype, email or in person. Sessions can be tailored for individuals, groups or schools.


I offer group workshops in co-writing, developing stronger melodies, experimenting with rhythm, guitar tunings, improving lyrics, breaking through “writer’s block” and more. All ages and levels of experience are welcome, from adolescents to septuagenarians and beyond. Groups may be small or large and workshops can be conducted in schools, offices or in your home.


All song writers endeavor to find fresh ideas, new approaches to melody and rhythm, and inspiring lyrics. We all bump into that wall called writer’s block from time to time. Believe me, I’ve faced that wall so many times in 50 years that it barely phases me anymore. I can help you work your way through it, find the stories within you and discover how to write your best songs yet. Song consultations and critiques can be scheduled on Skype, over the phone or in person when I come to your neck of the woods.

To arrange a session, ask about pricing or anything else just contact me at info@danacoopermusic.com for details.

“In his teaching, as in his songs and performances, Dana leads with his heart and gives all he’s got. The results can’t help but be satisfying and enriching”— Brett Perkins

“It was almost a bit of a therapy session as we discussed the current landscape of current music and how to best navigate it. I would recommend any artist who has questions about, performance, songwriting or the business in general to do a session with Dana.” — Leslie Karen Krafka





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