Incendiary Kid Steps Into the World 

Now you can order your copy of Incendiary Kid right here on my website. Go to the Music page and click the link to order directly through my label Travianna Records or Amazon. Thanks to all the Folk and Americana radio stations who are supporting the CD and spinning the songs. And a special thanks to MarySue Twohy at SiriusXM for playing several of the new songs on The Village, channel 141.

New Single and CD Releases 


Recently I signed with Travianna Records for the release of my new CD, Incendiary Kid, October 20, 2017. Tomorrow, September 19, you will be able to download the single, Summertime Woman, here as well as preorder your copy of the entire CD. I'm excited for you to hear this collection of ten new songs. As usual, I called on some of my extremely gifted friends to lend their musical talents to this project. My co-producer Thomm Jutz and I tried something a bit…

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Clare, Mayo, and Donegal, April 30-May 9, 2018 

From Cork to Kerry to Clare and back again in nine days. Strains of voices, larks, fiddles, guitars, and button accordions echo around in our hearts still. Melody, poetry, aching history, the profound greenness everywhere, vast fields and mountainsides of it, peeking from the crags of the limestone Burren and the stone walls crisscrossing into green chambers dotted with contented cows and sheep, sleeping, cavorting, chomping the glistening wet grass. Fuchsias, purple and pink, crowding the banks and…

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News from Nashville 

Hello from Nashville! I've been spending some time at home catching up on chores, scribbling, and songwriting. Also managed to do some reading, hiking, and movie going. Top of my list for recommended films is Moonlight. It's a poignant story of a young black man struggling to find his sexual identity and some human connection. A particularly moving and admirable effort given the difficult and challenging times we live in.

Recently finished reading Cal by Bernard MacLaverty. This short novel packed with…

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New Site! 

Welcome to my new website! Thanks to Jeff Thorneycroft, once again, for lending his considerable talent to improve my online presence. I'm already excited with the ease of editing this HostBaby site. And I hope you will now find it easier to access my show calendar, music, press and bio, and to keep track of my further adventures. 

The photo above was taken by my friend Don Henry. Don is one of the best songwriters alive, and to see him in the audience at Douglas Corner aiming his camera at Thomm Jutz

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