New video "Making a Killing"


Big news here is the release of my new video "Making a Killing." This song is from the latest CD, Incendiary Kid, produced by Thomm Jutz and myself. The track features Thomm on acoustic guitar, Dave Francis on upright bass, Lynn Williams on drums and percussion, Justin Moses on banjo and fiddle, and me on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Anana Kaye and Irakli Gabriel of Duende Vision filmed and edited the video and I think they did a fantastic job. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Dana Cooper Inks Artist Endorsement Deal with AirPlay Direct



I am now an official AirPlay Direct Endorsed Artist!  

Through AirPlay Direct's eco-system I am able to introduce my music legacy to radio programmers and music professionals all over the globe. AirPlay Direct is truly invaluable, not only in introducing new music to the world, but as a place where everything I've recorded can be discovered again and again. This means that over 11,000 radio stations will have access to my entire body of recorded work. 

Follow this link to view my AirPlay Direct Incendiary Kid page/ 



Back in the USA


Back in the USA after a couple of months in Canada and Ireland. Have to say folks have been extremely welcoming everywhere I've traveled yet they're curious about the state of our union. Seeing through the eyes of others often puts things into a clearer perspective. But I admit to a growing anxiety and confusion about how to bring people together in my own country. All I can do is sing my songs and share what messages of love and commonality I can with whoever will listen. As difficult as times are I am happy to be back home.

The Inishfree Ireland Music Tour was fabulous. Linda and I enjoyed sharing the wonders of Ireland with all the folks who joined us. This was my first time working with Hugh Carthy as tour guide and Fionan Cronin as our driver. They took great care of everyone and imparted a wealth of history and stories as they led us through the countryside. I am excited to lead another tour with Hugh and Fionan June 12-21, 2019 in Cork, Kerry, and Clare. You can find out more about the tour and how to sign up at

More terrific news is I've been given an artist endorsement from AirPlay Direct, a global, web-based marketing and distribution eco-system that delivers music digitally to radio stations all over the world. It's an honor to work with this company and I've already seen impressive results in just a short time. Eventually my entire body of work will be available through AirPlay Direct which means my legacy of music will live on for a long time. 

My "Incendiary Kid" CD continues to grow legs. Radio stations across Europe are adding my songs to their playlists due to the diligent work of Rob Ellen at Medicine Show Radio. Looking ahead to renewing my European tours to include Scotland and England as well as Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden and more. 

Over the rest of this year I take my music to Texas, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Florida, Michigan, Alabama, and California. If you want me to come to your town for a house concert just reach out to my friendly agent Terri Stewart at and I'll be there with bells on. 


Your Incendiary Kid


Hip hip hooray! The Inishfree Ireland Tour is now filled to capacity! Thank you to all who are joining Linda and me for our third adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way. It's a joy to work with the fabulous Inishfree team again. Visiting our Irish friends,  hearing their music and stories, walking the countryside and towns, and sharing it all with our fellow travelers is more fun than I probably deserve to have. But I'll take it gratefully.

Speaking of gratitude, thanks to Travianna Records for continuing to promote Incendiary Kid to radio everywhere. Order a copy now if you haven't already. Right here on my website you can click the link on the music page to purchase directly from Travianna Records or Amazon. I loved playing and recording with this group of musicians and singers. We had a blast recording with acoustic instruments exclusively. Let me know what you think!